A Fall Frame of Mind

Neutral color schemes have stood the test of time with soft puttys and taupes painting the modern home. Deep auburns and Titian reds color autumn and can be used with subtler earth tones to bring newfound warmth. We are proposing a fall frame of mind that offers a fresh look from traditional fall décor trends. When in doubt use soothing coffee and cream undertones as a foundation, and foliage shades for accent pieces and detailing.

In2green Eco Ribbed Cable Throw

Keeping that in mind, we decided that chunky hemps, rich camels, and marled and heathered knits were must-haves for our fall collection. Offering softness and fluidity, these pieces draw from seasonal fall fashion classics –sumptuous cashmere coats, lofty layers and turtlenecks, combined with pops of color in accent pieces or exquisite detailing. Such cozy combinations of texture and calm coloration will keep you hitting the snooze.

Source: The Dresyln, Designer: Ryan Roche

Light grays and flushed nudes emphasize natural light illumination, while smoke tones can bring life to whitewashed surroundings. Plush velvets, metallic threads, or bold herringbones can also add texture and definition. For some of our favorite cold-weather pieces available in a variety of neutral shades, see our textured throws. Additional, more graphic neutrals can be found in elegant damasks, greek keys, horse bits, and marble motifs.

In2green Eco Herringbone Throw in Aluminum

In2green's eco throws are the perfect cozy accent to create a beautiful fall look in your home. Shop our selection of sustainable gifts and décor to elevate your home's fall style.