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Boom, Pow, PONCH!

Windy West Palm

Whether hanging at the greens in West Palm or bringing color to Coachella, ponchos are taking over the fashion scene with a ponch! Lightweight or chunky, outer or under-layer, summer or winter, the poncho is the perfect all-year staple for those looking for a stylish but easy piece to transition from season to season, from beach to mountain-top. Timelessly chic and utterly effortless, we recommend casually draping our eco-friendly ponchos over the shoulders or layering over a leather jacket for just that perfect touch of folk flair, that hint of boho luxe, or, that cozy “I just threw this on but look amazing” look.

Pre-gaming at Coachella

To get the park vibe, check out in2green’s USA knit Ponchos in the Park, Brooklyn NY – what they say video

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