Earth Month Spotlight: In2Green’s Eco Manufacturing

eco friendly blanket products

As an eco-friendly brand, sustainability is at the heart of everything In2Green does. More brands are moving away from working with virgin materials to upcycle second-generation products—an idea that in2green has been pursuing since its launch over a decade ago. Founders Stefanie Zeldin and Lori Slater are committed to pursuing the highest quality products made in a sustainable way with a thoughtful footprint through working with only products that are made from another. This is who we are and what we do, not just for Earth Month, but for every month.

eco friendly blanket products

Members of the in2green team have been at the forefront of sustainable yarn creation for 20+ years. Each one of our recycled Cotton/Polyester blends throws saves approximately 2,100 gallons of water thanks to skipping the irrigation needed for cropping or dying. In addition to be the first to make throw blankets out of recycled plastic, in2green also innovated with their indoor/outdoor collection of 100% recycled polyester throws that are fade-resistant and made from 78+ plastic bottles each! That means less trash and pollutants in major bodies of water and the water supply as well as reducing what is sent to landfills.

Our goal is to create products that will become life-long treasures to the owner, pushing out the lifespan of the product and the need to dispose of or recycle it, which is alone a sustainable idea. All In2Green textiles and knits are machine-washable, which reduces the need for harmful dry-cleaning chemicals over the lifetime of your throw.

You should love your in2green product and feel good about the way it's been made. Our products are all made in the USA, which reduces the carbon footprint for transportation of goods as well as supporting local communities (which is more important now than ever).

Domestic manufacturing also allows for the ability to do one-of-a-kind custom pieces for individual clients for everything from event décor to wedding gifts to hostess gifts. We love working directly with interior designers, corporate gifting programmers and event planners to create a beautiful and sustainable element.

eco friendly blanket products

We also love seeing all the ways in which our throws help people lead more environmentally friendly lives overall. Keep the temperature down in your home in the winter and save on heating fuel or electricity by having throws available around the home.

We are proud of the impact the In2Green pop-up store has had on its community in Hastings-on-Hudson and of promoting the importance of shopping local to keep carbon footprints down. (The store is currently closed as of April 2020, but we look forward to opening it again as soon as it is safe for our employees and customers).