Eco-Friendly Pet Couch Covers To Keep Your Family Cozy This Winter

With the holiday season and winter weather approaching, it’s inevitable for our family and pets to spend more of their time indoors. To stay comfortable despite the colder temperatures, In2green’s eco-friendly pet couch covers are customizable and will keep your home feeling warm and welcoming this season. In2green’s luxury sofa covers are created with eco-friendly yarns and colors to bring extra warmth into your home. All of our eco-friendly pet sofa covers will give your home a modern look while providing the protection your couch needs. Below are a few reasons why our team encourages you to add a luxury blanket throw to your home decor for the colder months to come.

Quality Couch Protection

As much as we adore our family pets and letting them lounge around inside the house, maintaining your couch’s original look can be a difficult task. When it comes to giving your sofa the protection it needs from gathering pet hair, stains, and dirt, you don’t have to settle for less. In2green’s pet furniture covers can be tucked underneath the couch or thrown over to hang on one side to help your home maintain a chic and stylish look while keeping it clean longer.

Keeps Your Family & Furry Friends Cozy

For pet lovers everywhere, it’s understandable that taking care of your pets is a priority but so is the regular upkeep of your home. While it isn’t easy keeping your pet’s fur and debris from clinging on to everything including your furniture, In2green’s eco-friendly blankets will keep your furniture protected. With the holidays coming up and your pets happily snuggled up against your throw blankets, having excess pet dander in your home could be harmful to your house guests who have allergies. Our pet couch covers are easy to clean as you only need to wash them on cold in your washing machine, which will eliminate your pet’s fur sheddings and dirt they may bring in from outside. This way everyone stays in high spirits this holiday season!

A Comfortable Change in Atmosphere & Style

The season of gifting is just around the corner and our eco pet sofa covers are perfect for your fellow pet owner friends. Choosing In2green’s eco-friendly custom throw blankets as holiday gifts will let your loved ones know just how thankful you are to have them and their cherished pets in your life. In2green proudly offers modern, decorative, and eco-friendly accessories such as high-quality pet sofa covers to keep your family and beloved pets warm this winter. In2green’s couch covers are recycled products that help us support a more sustainable environment while keeping your home looking chic and spotless. Our pet couch covers are also part of our eco-luxury sofa throws, which are made here in the United States and uses only recycled cotton and polyester.

If you’re a pet owner or have friends and family who are planning on being future pet owners, check out our Eco Hound Sofa Covers today!