Giving Back to the Coastline


Here at In2Green, we always look for the opportunity to support other like-minded, eco-friendly organizations. That’s why we are excited to partner with the American Littoral Society, a non-profit group that promotes the study and conservation of marine life, protects the coast from harm, and empowers others to do the same. It's a perfect fit for us because our indoor/outdoor throw collection is made from 78+ recycled, plastic bottles that may well have ended up in the ocean or as beach trash. We’re very proud of our proprietary yarn made from the recycled bottles, which makes them not only quick-drying and fade-resistant, but good for the planet. 

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During 2021, we are supporting the New York State Beach Cleanups, during which the American Littoral Society will clean up over 200 miles along the New York/New Jersey coastline! As well, part of our donations will go towards the Littoral Society’s future educational programs — where they teach elementary school children about our coast line’s natural resources, through hands on experience. We agree with them that "standing in the surf with the wind in their face and a horseshoe crab in their hands," will change a child’s appreciation for our planet forever!


A little bit more about the American Littoral Society and what it does: Founded in New Jersey in 1961, the organization is focused primarily on the Northeast — which is where In2Green is headquartered. The Littoral Society restores and protects vital coastal habitats and water quality. They build living shorelines, restore maritime forests, construct oyster reefs, retrofit stormwater basins, restore salt marshes, and clean up marine debris so the waters we all depend on are clean and safe. We love that the American Littoral Society provides hands-on educational experiences on the coast knowing how personal it becomes when people volunteer and actually get their feet wet and hands sandy (and pick up trash).

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A well-organized beach cleanup is a prime activity for learning about the marine environment – its value to people and wildlife, threats to its productivity, and the actions people can take to improve it. Coastal property and waterways are valuable, not only for human recreation but also as essential habitat for wildlife (which we know from the local wildlife near our company store in river town Hudson-on-Hastings, NY). Marine debris pollutes our waters and shore, and destroys wildlife. Participating in a cleanup helps people see that the choices they make directly impact the environment. Recycling, advocating less use of plastic, lobbying for less packaging, reusing items instead of discarding them – all have a positive effect on the environment.

Please support our efforts to give back by supporting The American Littoral Society and shop our Indoor/Outdoor Throws, which are perfect for outdoor activities this summer.