Holiday Bucket List 2016

Eco friendly Longhorn Throw

This month’s holiday preparations are in a flurry: gift lists are being compiled, decorations elaborated, and festivities finalized. Amidst this activity, we see the closing of the year approaching, and the fresh start of a new one.

With this in mind, we have thought about a few things we would like to get done during the holidays in our 2016 Holiday Bucket List. We hope that you will find these recommendations helpful too!:

1) The Great Outdoors–December is gorgeously cold and festive, and while it may be hard to leave behind the fireplace and mug of tea, venturing outdoors during this time of year is a wonderful way to celebrate and spend time with family and friends. Whether it’s hiking, snow-shoeing, ice-skating, or even taking a crisp morning walk with a canine companion, the great outdoors has its own gifts to offer for the season.

Eco friendly Longhorn ThrowIn2green Eco Longhorn Throw

(2) DIY Holiday Edition— The sheer number of DIY projects for gifts, decorations, or edible treats appears infinite. This may even be the most creative time of year, as newbie and experienced artists and chefs alike revel in the possibilities that the holiday season has to offer. We suggest trying to make as many of your gifts as possible, and/or undertaking a new DIY project for your home. Some of our favorite DIY gifts include mason-jar cooking kits, lavender soaps, and marble-painted plant pots. Explore your creative side with monogrammed or customized eco friendly gifts as well.  No time in December? January works too!  

A Bubbly Life: DIY Marbleized Air Plant Pots

(3) Spread the Love–one of the most special and gratifying things to do during the holidays is to donate to a favorite cause. There are millions who will be spending this year without proper housing and food, or in the absence of family and friends. Donate to a local or international cause, or to a charity for refugees. (Check out a few of our favs: Cluster, The Ocean Foundation, AOK)

(4) Play-date–spend some extra-special time with your little ones and furry friends. Whether it’s doing art projects or playing indoors or outdoors, make it a point to bring cheer and some fun to those around you. 

eco friendly winter throwIn2green Eco Fair Isle Throw

(5) Keeping it Green–the green gift market is booming (see our Green Gifting Guide here), and the possibilities for green gifts for the home are especially expansive. Holiday decor can also be “greened” with home-made wreaths, LED holiday lights, felt-ball garlands, and natural pine cone and twig centerpieces. Potted Christmas trees are one of our favorite green holiday decorations, as they can later become a permanent part of your home and garden.

eco friendly matrix throwIn2green Eco Matrix Throw

eco friendly chevron blanketIn2green Eco Metro and Chevron Throws