How to use an in2green Throw

I am not a blogger.  But I feel compelled.  I have worked for in2green for six years.  My friend Lori asked me to join her in this venture, and having just sent my third child to kindergarten, I agreed.

So, almost 7 years later, our friendship continues to grow, along with in2green.  I harkened back to the years when the summer was time to hang on the beach, or the lake with our young kids.  Now, in2green will not wait for that, which is fine, our kids don’t really want to hang out with us anymore anyway.

Last weekend though, I had the great pleasure of having all five members of my family in one place for 48 hours.  We were at the oceanfront home of a close friend, which needless to say had many in2green throws throughout.

Not being born in the age of social media, and wary of the public consumption of my whereabouts and activities, I feel oddly compelled to share our constant use of in2green throws.  I get it!  This is why our seaside clients call every Monday to replenish their in2green stock.

Everyone was roasting in the city.  It was cool on Fire Island.  We needed a blanket just to nap outside.  What is better than the perfect weight of the in2green throw to pull over you on a chaise lounge on the deck.  (see Adam wrapped in vintage in2green!)

It did not end there!  There was a super moon.  Seriously, it lit up the entire beach and a wide swatch of the ocean.  You had to be on the sand to really experience it, so we laid on in2green throw and covered ourselves with another.

Yes, it was covered in sand, and damp too.  No worries, throw it in the wash like it is a beach towel.

One more thing.  I did not lug Teddy’s doggie bed out on the ferry.  No problem, I folded an in2green throw and invited the Tedders on.  He turned in a circle and settled in.

I know this is what I do for a living, but they really are the best.