In2green is Greening it with Seagrass

In an effort to find like-minded eco affiliates, In2green is “Greening it with Seagrass” and has partnered with The Ocean Foundation (TOF) and its Seagrass Grow Initiative. We have created an environmental “give back” program, and will be donating 10% of sales of our new Eco Poly Seagrass themed throw to the Ocean Foundation’s Seagrass Grow initiative. Seagrass is crucial to maintaining the biodiversity of our ocean biome. A single acre of protected seagrass supports as many as 40,000 fish and 50 million small sea invertebrates. In addition, seagrass is 35x more effective in carbon uptake than Amazonian rainforests. Our Eco Seagrass throw promotes up-cycling (they are made of 78+ plastic bottles each!), and shares how important “Greening it with Seagrass” can be. Seagrass is an innovative blue solution with a green sensibility in mind for climate change.

In2green Eco Poly Seagrass Throw

In light of our recent 10-year company anniversary, we have been reminded of the initial desire that In2green was founded upon. This desire was to share green products considered beautiful both from a physical and metaphoric standpoint, and to leave behind a legacy of change. We want our eco products to have a look and feel of luxury, AND also have a story behind them. It is in this way that we aim to combine iconic design with iconic ideology. Our Eco Poly Seagrass throw is not only made out of recycled plastic bottles, but it also speaks about seagrass and its role in carbon up-taking and biodiversity. We always aim to support and align ourselves with projects that share our mission. In2green is “Greening it with Seagrass” and we hope others will do the same!