One Decade Down

eco friendly blanket at beach

This month, we are excited to celebrate our 10-year anniversary and launch our new catalog. We have come a long way—blooming from a small seed of an idea, into a full-fledged ideology and a way of living. From two women with a strong eco design concept, we have grown into over 700 stores across the U.S., and have touched several thousand people. Our mission continues to drive us towards ever greater innovation, sustainability, and high design.

eco throw on white couch

Our 2016 Fall Collection includes warm colors and textures, creating vibrant designs and accessories. We could not let this 10-year milestone collection go by without thanking all who have helped us get to this point:

  1. To our HUSBANDS, who met in college and have supported our goals while bonding us together for more than 25 years!
  2. To our FAMILY, who are our best promoters (all six of our kids have made valuable contributions as summer interns, writers, photographers, models and designers!)
  3. To JILL, and NINA, who have worked so hard in the office and on the road to keep us going.
  4. To our DESIGNERS who are prolific, responsive, and help us create the most original work possible.
  5. To our PRODUCTION TEAM, who care so dearly about quality and communication and never shy from innovation.
  6. To our ECO ADVISORS, who help us see the environmental issues at hand and remind us that up-cycling is a step in the right direction.
  7. To our GOOD FRIENDS who are our sounding boards and the very best ambassadors of our mission.
  8. To NATURE, which drives our mission and inspires our designs.
  9. To the budding USA MAKERS, who collaborate, share ideas and information, and are showing consumers that they too can be involved in the design process.
  10. Last but not least, to our wonderful CUSTOMERS who appreciate our graphic products and keep coming back for more!

 Thank you for your continued support! Shop our online eco throw collection to find your favorite design today.