Our Eco Pet Couch Covers

eco friendly pet couch covers

We love our pets, but we don’t always love what they do to our sofas. As the mom to three beautiful labs, Lori Slater (co-founder in2green), realized that she needed several throws to cover her couch, and set off to invent eco pet couch covers that were both long enough to cover a couch and beautiful enough to have in her space everyday.

Like all in2Green products, our sofa covers are made from eco-friendly yarns and come in a range of home-friendly colors. The favorite feature is the versatility, since these 72″x48″ couch covers double up as throws and picnic blankets. These pet couch covers make a perfect addition to your living space, or a thoughtful eco gift for any pet owner in your life. 

Whether your furry friend sheds too much or is prone to accidents, our sustainable pet sofa covers are the solution to keeping both a spotless sofa and making room for your cuddle buddy. As a company of pet owners, we compared notes and compiled a list of all the ways we use our eco pet couch covers at home, from sofa-saving tips to real styling advice from our team.

1. Your Couch

Let’s kick off with the practical — our couch covers will protect your furnishings. The in2Green difference is that they’ll look good (and, as a recycled product, be doing good) in the process. Tuck the pet couch cover over your cushions with a tight fit to keep dirt, hair, and stains away.

Designed to fit a standard couch, you can pull them on and off as you need, which is especially useful if you have allergy-prone visitors. Simply throw them into the washing machine on a cold cycle for a quick refresh.

2. Cozy Your Couch

For occasional pet parents, or times your furry friend is busy chasing its tails or snoozing on the window sill, leave your pet couch cover untucked and use it as a cozy throw.

This herringbone-knit fabric is soft enough to act as a comfy blanket for quiet nights in without your pooch, but hard-wearing enough to guard against even the furriest muddy-puddle-loving pets.

3. Pretty Your Couch

Who said pretty and practical couldn’t go together? All our sofa covers are beautifully woven and come in a variety of beautiful monochromatic shades, so you can choose the right one for your style and decor. Go matchy-matchy with the same color as your couch, or mix it up with a contrasting color.

4. Kid-Proof Your Couch

Designed for pets but useful for all manner of sticky-fingered mess makers, we know a lot of parents who use our kid-friendly couch covers on every soft furnishing in the house. Granola bar smoosh? Milk mishaps? Our eco couch covers take it all to the washing machine and return ready to take on the next crayon masterpiece.

5. Share Your Couch Style

The winter holidays are rapidly approaching, and an eco pet sofa cover is the perfect sustainable gift for the pet owner in your life. They’re our go-to for anyone welcoming a new pet into their family — especially puppies adjusting to their new surroundings. Pick out a beautiful and versatile sofa cover that your friend, sibling, or co-worker will thank you for every day.

In2Green is proud to offer high quality pet sofa covers as part of our collection of eco-luxury throws, ponchos, and home accessories. Our couch covers are made of recycled cotton and polyester, are machine washable, and crafted right here in the United States.

Are you a pet owner? Shop our eco hound sofa covers today!