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Our turn to Lead – Earth Day 2015

Celebrating Green

This year, more than 1 billion people of 192 countries will take action for Earth Day, rendering it the “largest environmental civic action in the world” ( The theme for this year—“It’s Our Turn to Lead™” focuses on giving voice to millions of people in order to urge world leaders to take action on the environment, climate change, and the poverty related to climate change.  The theme “Our Turn to Lead” got us thinking of what we would like to see for the world – people enjoying and respecting nature, ourselves and kids more focused on conservation, and our fellow businesses doing more to create products that have a lower impact.

We at in2green are striving to contribute to a more unified sustainable vision and voice, dedicated to green practices in contemporary culture and design.  Our products are supported by retailers and corporations who want to make a difference and enjoy selling items that are made locally with recycled materials.

In2green remains dedicated to producing eco-friendly products, while also committing to quality and design. By using recycled fabric scraps and re-fiberizing and re-spinning them back into cotton-blend yarns (without requiring the addition of cotton dyes or chemicals), we are helping to reduce land and landfill use. With thousands of customers across America (and many international ones as well!), we are making a difference in the amount of fabric, resources, energy, and land that is consumed.

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