Out of the Box Gifting for the Holidays

eco friendly gifts

Successful corporate gift-giving is tough. How do you select something that’s thoughtful, personal, and genuinely useful for the recipient? Our advice is to choose something both luxurious and functional- an item you would treat yourself to on a special occasion and keep forever.

“Gifting has amazing potential to accelerate your company’s growth when it’s done thoughtfully and strategically,” says gifting guru John Ruhlin of Giftology. “It’s important to be intentional about your overall process and create an effective gifting strategy.” Remember that the gift you choose speaks a thousand words, but the gesture speaks a million.

When it’s done right and kept personal, client and employee gifting can significantly enhance your relationships. At In2green, we offer a variety of eco-friendly, custom gifts to choose from to make meaningful gift giving a breeze this holiday season. 

Client Gift Ideas

Sending gifts to clients is a great way to show your appreciation for their business, and to keep your company on their mind. It’s even better when the gift speaks to your business and matches your client’s own business and values. A custom gift can accomplish this.

One great option is to send a personalized eco blanket that incorporates your client’s name or something that reminds you of them.  Another equally thoughtful approach is to send them a luxury throw with an interesting design that incorporates the colors that are meaningful to your business or theirs.

eco friendly corporate gifts

Example: A known financial firm wanted to do something that their clients would keep forever, so they choose in2green’s Herringbone throw which has universal appeal.  They colored it in the their company colors cobalt and white, then wrapped it with a beautiful branded ribbon.  (In2green has over 250 different designs and allows custom colorations for as few as 6 pieces. Allow 2-3 weeks. )

Employee Retention: Recognize Your Employees’ Accomplishments

Employee retention is equally, if not more important than client retention. Of all the ways to ensure that your employees are happy, recognizing their achievements is the most important. This could be a simple “thank you” or handwritten well-done note. If you want to raise the stakes, you could get them a thoughtful gift that will remind them frequently of your appreciation.

An eco throw gift is a great option for employees, as it is a not only luxurious, but it is something that the recipient will use often. In2green throws also make fantastic corporate picnic and event decor.

eco friendly republic records custom throw

Example: Republic Records made logo throws for its artists and clients. They also used the throws to transform the décor of a high-profile Coachella event.

In2green can help transform any logo or special artwork into a unique keepsake. Each 50″x60″ throw is done custom for a minimum of 12 pieces.  There is a one time $250 art/setup fee and knitting usually takes 3-4 weeks. Contact www.info@in2green.com

Make a Mark on Your Client or Employee, Not on the Planet

All in2green eco throws are knit using recycled and organic cotton yarn, creating classic yet modern and sustainable gifts. And they are all made in the U.S.A. Pass along this mindset of sustainability to your clients and employees, and send the message that you value not only their relationships but also the world in which we live.

Republic Records Custom Corporate Eco Throw Gift