Summer Will Be Sweet!

pineapple eco bed throw designblack and white pineapple eco throw

In2green Split Pineapple

blue pineapple eco throw

While we will always have a sense of nostalgic appreciation for those classic Hawaiian summer shirts, we were looking for a point of tropical reference that could be a bit more modern and could also perhaps have a life outside of the beach cabana.

The pineapple seemed like the perfect reminder of our summer vacation slumbers, while just cute enough to surpass them into real-world, everyday design. Aimme Wilder does her own wallpaper version, and Rroomm Gallery embellishes a modern space with tropical wall prints. 

Equally sweet in taste and in meaning as the universal symbol of hospitality, the pineapple is one of our most adorable additions to this spring’s collection.

black and white tropical decorpineapple home decor