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Earth Month Spotlight: In2Green’s Eco Manufacturing

Brands will be increasingly moving away from working with virgin materials to upcycle second-generation products—an idea that in2green has been pursuing since its launch over a decade ago. Founders Stefanie Zeldin and Lori Slater are committed to pursuing the highest quality products made in a sustainable way with a thoughtful footprint through working with only products that are made from other products. 

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Create Your Own Super-Deluxe Gifts

The holiday season is the time to give our families and friends gifts that exude the warmth and love we share with them, and sometimes that means giving a really wow gift. By creating your own gift basket including throws, pillows, stylish eco-friendly ponchos, and scarves, you can truly give a memorable gift this holiday season.   We are dedicated to being an eco-friendly and ethical business, one that values sustainability and eco-consciousness, which makes our pieces perfect for the green-minded person on your list. Consider putting together a “bundle” of some of our amazing products for your friend or loved one this holiday season. Below are a few examples of combinations that would delight any recipient. 

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Needing Knits

As we start to crawl out of our winter hibernation, it’s time to make some seasonal changes to the home. One of the first steps is switching out those heavy, down comforters and thick knitted throws for their lighter and loftier cousins. Spring knits are just as cozy, but with an added versatility that comes with more delicate materials and stitching

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