What kind of gift do I get for the King of Gifting?

Melanie Coburn, Chief Relationship Officer of CADRE DC, told me that John Ruhlin was speaking at one their large speaker events and asked, “What can I possibly give the King of Gifting?”  She told me about John and said that he had actually been called a “Mind Blowing Door Opener” in a recent press story.

So, I did a little research.  Ruhlin has had several recent blogs and articles written about his “strategic appreciation” and built a legacy in the marketing world, gifting CUTCO knives with his signature by-line “Carve out some time for me!”   These and other unique products have won John entry into leading brands and helped him to build the Ruhlin Group, a well-known marketing and branding company based in Canton, Ohio.

So coming up with something novel and new was needless to say a huge challenge.

Melanie collaborated with us and we created an in2green® knit throw blanket, embroidered with the word “unforgettable,” the keyword in the title of a recent Inc. Magazine article about John’s work.  Links design in blue and white was chosen since it perfectly communicated the value of lasting connections.  Blue and White are also Cadre DC’s corporate colors.

Ruhlin Gift

At the event, in front of hundreds of people, the gift was a hit!

in2green Cadre gift

I had the chance to talk with John after the event.  Not usually on the receiving end, John was extremely appreciative and said the throw will now be a daily reminder of his time with Cadre.  John also noted the Links design really makes him feel good about the lasting contribution he is making to the field of personal connections.

Acts of strategic appreciation are a strong tool for entrepreneurs trying to get in the door.  The right keepsake can make a memorable impression on both employees and clients.  According to John, support staff and even spouses and children love being recognized with a signature gift.

In2green is a great source for uniquely personal products and has enjoyed the opportunity to create designs for the White House, Oprah, and companies such as Junior’s Cheesecakes and Cabot Creamery.   As part of the budding domestic “Maker Economy,” in2green is able to run small batches of highly personal products.  With in2green textiles made with sustainable materials, gifting can be a triple win: personal, green and Made in the USA!

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