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Shades of Gray

We know—grays are London skies, old heathered t-shirts, and drab 50’s twin sets. But grays are also chic cashmere coats, Céline bags, Stella knits, and now In2green cables and textured throws!

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Cabin Fever

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, combined family vacation, year 2010. That’s the first thing we think of when we see a Longhorn motif.  Secondary to that is “why can’t I live in a cabin like that year-round??”

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What kind of gift do I get for the King of Gifting?

Melanie Coburn, Chief Relationship Officer of CADRE DC, told me that John Ruhlin was speaking at one their large speaker events and asked, “What can I possibly give the King of Gifting?”  She told me about John and said that he had actually been called a “Mind Blowing Door Opener” in a recent press story.

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