Donate Only Adult Masks

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Thank You! For every $15 purchase, 2 Adult size masks will go our GREEN MASK PROJECT.  Instead of purchasing a mask for yourself, we will make sure beautiful knit masks get in the hands of a family in need, specifically to one of partners: Project Home in Philadelphia or Brooklyn Community Housing and Services. Find more information about our Green Mask Project coming soon.

Mask Specifications

  • Size:  Approximately 7” x 5.5”
  • Material: 50% Recycled Cotton + 50% Recycled Polyester from plastic bottles. A small amount of Nylon is added to help keep shape and make extra soft ties for behind the ears. 
  • Manufacturing: Knit in the USA
  • Filter: Standard Blue Shop Towel, 40% Post-Consumer Recycled Fibers (This paper is not meant to get wet and will need to be replaced.  You can find more at your local hardware stores.)
  • Washing:  Take out filter, machine wash and dry low.
  • Wearing: Adjust strings and side pleats so mask is snug. 

 Note: This mask is not a replacement for a medical grade N95 mask and is not a guarantee that you won’t get or spread COVID-19. It is recommended to wash your mask prior to wearing and to wash between uses.  Colors may look slightly more heathered when knit.