4 Creative Ways to Customize a Throw Blanket

Elevate your gifting game with the charm of personalized blankets! Whether it's a special occasion like the holidays, graduation, anniversary, housewarming, or a corporate event, an In2Green custom throw blanket is the perfect choice. Dive into the endless possibilities of thoughtful gifting, from personalized wedding blankets for newlyweds to stylish, customized baby blankets for new parents. Explore the world of unique and one-of-a-kind gifts that leave a lasting impression. Unleash your creativity and make every occasion extra special with our personalized blankets!

To help you make your personalized throw really stand out, here are 4 creative ways to customize it. Don't forget to choose one for yourself, too! 

1. With a Nickname

Take your custom name blanket, baby gift or Milestone Blanket  game up a notch by monogramming it with a nickname. This works well for a little one you can't stop calling "Bean" or a romantic partner who you have a special name for. (Just make sure it's a nickname they like!) 

 2. With Your Favorite Place 

Does our Aspen Trees throw remind you of your favorite mountain retreat? Or maybe your vacation home has a fun name. Honor the place that makes you feel good by creating a custom blanket with its name. This is also a thoughtful hostess gift if you're staying with a friend at their home. 

3. With a Special Date 

Commemorate a wedding or birth date with a personalized blanket with a date. It might be just one day, but the memories can last forever. For students with school spirit, you can also customize one of our blankets with their class year.

4. With a Wedding Hashtag

Create a playful and personalized wedding blanket by monogramming it with the wedding #hashtag. As the years go by, this throwback throw will remind the couple of the big day and all the fun they had with friends and family.