How to Decorate With Textiles

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We are revisiting Audrey Scheck's world of home rejuvenation! After soaking in her inspiring insights on refreshing spaces, we're thrilled to spill the beans on her secrets to styling with neutral textiles and throws. Catch a glimpse of her creative flair as she transforms her century-old California residence into a cozy haven for herself and her two adorable little ones—follow the magic on @audreyscheckdesign. Ready to infuse your space with the same charm? Scroll down for Audrey's expert tips and discover eco-friendly blankets in serene neutral tones to elevate your home sweet home!

I2G: How would you describe your approach to home decorating?

AS: I love creating spaces that are functional but also warm and inviting. Both of our homes (our first home and the one we recently bought) have been 100-year-old Spanish style houses, and I’ve enjoyed incorporating elements that pay homage to the heritage of the home. I also try to be mindful of the things I am using throughout the house, as I prefer spaces that don’t feel overly cluttered. Each piece is something that I truly love and want to have on display. I tend to start slow and layer on textiles and décor as we use each room so that the space feels complete without being crowded.

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I2G: How do you incorporate eco-friendly blankets into your decor? 

AS: Once a room is designed and styled, incorporating a throw is key in making the space feel pulled together. Whether it’s draped over an accent chair or neatly styled at the end of a bed, I am a big proponent of using a blanket to give the room a more cohesive feel. Throws can often help when you need to incorporate a softer texture in the room, and I love that they can easily tie your color palette together.

I2G: Any tips on how to use throws in unexpected ways

AS: As a person who hates being cold, I always appreciate it when there are extra throw blankets lying around. In our guest house, I have a stack of throws folded near the bed for guests to use. I also have extra throws in a basket in our living room for anyone to grab while they’re lounging. In our playroom, I have a stack of blankets under the tent for children to cozy up with. Our kids always take blankets with them when they run outside to play, so we have a plethora of blankets that are easy for them to access.

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I2G: How do you update your home for winter or spring? 

AS: In the winter, I swap out my lighter throws for ones that are darker and compliment the space. In the spring, I like to toss lighter colored blankets on indoor and outdoor benches, beds, and sofas to make the spaces more inviting and take the chill off from the AC.  The kids can’t ruin them, and they instantly make the vibe of the space cozier.

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