Making it Personal

The season of giving is almost here, and along with this comes the challenge of finding a perfect and unique way to show your appreciation for those around you. Whether for corporate or personal motives, a creative solution can be found by ‘making it personal’ with custom or personalized gifts that combine thought and consideration with aesthetic and style. A personalized monogram or logo throw is the perfect winter-weather solution for the holiday season.  In2green throws take customizing to the next level by allowing you to have initials, locations, or brand names knit directly into the jacquard weave. Within a couple of weeks, we can knit a one of kind USA made eco throws–check out our monogramming options here.

In2green Eco Horse Bit Monogram Throw

Bespoke and custom gifts celebrate quality and craftsmanship. Other great personalized gifts we have found include Upcycled Cutting Boards and Candle Holders both made from reclaimed wood, as well as Embroidered Leather Trays and Custom Knives with recycled wood or antler handles. For more information on the notion behind ‘gifting’ and on finding the best statement gifts, check out John Ruhlin’s book, Giftology.