New Eco Wovens


This year brings a lineup of several new and innovative eco projects for in2green, including a collection of sustainable, domestic woven throws for the home. Woven fabrics have resurfaced time and time again in interior design for their elegant simplicity and versatility as bath and beach towels, couch covers, and tablecloths. With an already vast collection of graphic and textured knits, in2green has decided to incorporate luxury wovens in a newer “greener,” and exclusively “Made in USA” format. Setting the family table just got that much more interesting! 

In2green’s first collection of eco wovens will be oversized throws (56″ x 88″) made out of yarns that are 75% recycled cotton and 25% polyester (also mostly recycled), originating from cut-and-sew scraps that are byproducts of the t-shirt manufacturing process. To achieve these yarns, scraps have been sorted by color and then re-fiberized and spun into soft, machine washable yarns without any new crop growth or water processing. In muted grays, blues, and neutral color-ways, and also offered in a chic modern tri-panel design, our all-purpose wovens bring beauty and tranquility to any space.

This unique striped collection is reviving looms that date back to the civil war, a time when textile manufacturers were making woven hospital blankets and uniform fabrics. Each throw has a subtle vintage, herringbone design reinterpreted in a modern ombre-like stripe. All are machine wash and dry and can be sourced at

Our Inspiration

In2green was inspired by Turkish cotton woven cloths that have been immensely popular in Turkey and the USA for years. Turkish Peshtemal, Hammam, or Fouta towels, as they are called, became popular for their beauty as well as absorbency and softness. In2green has now created a line that is both equal in aesthetic, however, they are made in the USA, generous in scale and eco-friendly.

What is the difference between Woven Fabrics and Knits?

Woven materials bring a different aesthetic and touch than knit fabrics, as they feel slightly crisper and are more lightweight, therefore favored for beach bungalows, summer cabanas, or rustic and minimalist outdoorsy spaces. They are also often more durable, and thus thicker wovens are often used for upholstery, drapery fabrics and industrial cloths. Made on a loom rather than on a knitting machine, the crisscrossed woven fabric is not as soft and porous as knits are, which contributes to their multi-functionality in the home as dishcloths, tablecloths, and bath towels, and outside the home as beach towels and picnic blankets. When imagining knits, we often think of our sweaters, which are hand or machine knit with loops, whereas our jeans, pants or dress shirts are typically woven on a loom with shuttles that go back and forth in a linear pattern.

Where can I find Eco Wovens?

Over the past century, American-made wovens for sheeting and bedding have been largely outsourced, which has slowed the trend toward weaving fabric in general.  Eco Wovens, or wovens made from sustainable yarns, are relatively new to the market, with natural hemp and organic cotton first appearing on the scene. In throws, In2green has developed one of the first recycled cotton wovens to be offered in high design patterns and heathered colors. These oversized throws serve as summertime counterparts to in2green’s thick winter knits and chunky cables, making them perfect for all members of the family or as a sustainable gift for a friend.