Our Backyard Canvas

We get our inspiration from a number of sources, ranging from the most common fashion and décor trends to the most obscure artistic traditions. Our modern collection draws from the whole spectrum, looking to mosaics, textiles, furniture, and even architecture. What inevitably fuels our creative energy is the color and art we see around us – we even find ourselves inspired in the art found in our very own backyard.

In2green Eco Cheetah Throw

Yonkers NY (our backyard) is a hub for graffiti and street art, boasting a variety of local artists that have taken to the streets and transformed the city canvas into a masterpiece. Our interns went out and scoured the streets for signs of these impressive works. They found a number of gems across Yonkers by Kindo Harper, Damian Mitchell, and Nick Walker.

Kindo Harper’s winner of Ridge Hill’s 2015 Mural Project (seen below) celebrates our town roots depicting a scene at the Yonkers train station with whimsical coloring and lettering. Dahlia, our intern headed for University of Delaware, stops first in Yonkers with our Eco Geo Throw in tow.

In2green Eco Geo Throw

Dahlia also sports our Eco Tile throw blanket in front of Damian Mitchell’s chromatic and abstract mural at the top of the page. These two works seem to flow seamlessly from one to the other, both incorporating hard lines and red accents. Artist Nick Walker also gives life to Yonker’s walls with his own lines and form as seen in the work below. A young girl creates on her own design while on another’s shoulders. This reflects the generational aspect of street art, and how even the youngest can express themselves through this medium.

In2green Eco Mod Square Throw

While graffiti may have started out as an act of rebellion, it is now regarded first and foremost as a form of self-expression for those of all ages, painting buildings as well as decorating art galleries. Street art has been translated into professional expositional spaces, fashion, and graphic design. Its daring and beautiful forms inspire colorful textile patterns, bold silhouettes, and bright compositions.

Coach x The Sartorialist, Scott Schulman

A couple of years ago, the Huffington Post published a wonderful article on “The 26 Best Cities in The World To See Street Art.” Thrillist followed up with a piece on the Best American Cities For Graffiti Mural Art. While New York remains amongst the forerunners on both national and international levels, we’re hoping that even our small local art scene will get the appreciation it rightfully deserves. Check out one of Yonker’s most recent street art projects here.

In2green Eco American Flag Throw