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Giving Back to the Coastline

Here at In2Green, we always look for the opportunity to support other like-minded, eco-friendly organizations. That’s why we are excited to partner with the American Littoral Society, a non-profit group that promotes the study and conservation of marine life, protects the coast from harm, and empowers others to do the same. It's a perfect fit for us because our indoor/outdoor throw collection is made from 78+ recycled, plastic bottles that may well have ended up in the ocean or as beach trash. We’re very proud of our proprietary yarn made from the recycled bottles, which makes them not only quick-drying and fade-resistant, but good for the planet.  During 2021, we are supporting the New York State Beach Cleanups, during which the American Littoral...

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COVID19: Green Mask Project

Like many small businesses across America and beyond, this is the most challenging time we’ve ever faced and we, like other brands, want to do all we can to help. Why face masks? Both of us are married to physicians and know others on the front lines. We knew that we had an opportunity to give back to communities that were in need, especially families with children. We started by donating our baby hat & sock sets to new moms in clinics and shelters, but that just made us want to do more so we started creating eco-friendly face masks.

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