women with eco friendly outdoor throw

In 9th grade, I wore a pair of camel suede cowboy boots to school every day, and apparently I was “trending”…but I just bought them because I liked them? Pure, honest, and unbiased appreciation for a pair of shoes that looked good!  

So while this spring/summer season’s forecast includes flowery folk motifs, modern geometrics and animal prints, we are still just looking for the next pair of “cowboy boots,” developing designs we like, operating under that wonderful, but sometimes utterly, bewildering thing called creative impulse!

Our spring line of eco throws is full of energy and bright new colors. We have our own interpretation of the many shades of orange, adding coral to the line.  We have pink and blue silly sheep for little ones, and equestrian luxury for grown-up pleasure. Our new woven square is already the new herringbone, which remains classically elegant in all new colors. A textile lover’s dream!



eco Baby sheep kids throw blanketpattern eco throwequestrian eco thrown blanket