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Eco Houndstooth Bit Poncho
Eco Houndstooth Bit Poncho houndstooth-poncho-black-equestrian-in2green-eco-cotton-recycled houndstooth-ponchos-in2green-equestrian-eco-cotton-recycled houndstooth-poncho-smoke-i2green-equestrian-eco-cotton-recycled houndstooth-poncho-red-in2green-eco-cotton-recycled Eco Houndstooth Bit Poncho houndstooth-ponchos-in2green-equestrian-eco-cotton-recycled

Eco Houndstooth Bit Poncho


In a classic houndstooth pattern, our favorite accessory is re-born. Drape it like a cape, or style it off to one-side shawl style, our Eco Houndstooth Bit Poncho will take you from season to season with ease.

Product Specifications 

  • One size fits all
  • Contents: 75% recycled cotton / 25% polyester (also, mostly recycled!)
  • Machine wash cold / dry low
  • Made in the USA

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