Decorating Tips for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah all just around the corner, we turned to one of our favorite interior designers for tips on how she transforms her own home for the holidays. Audrey Scheck keeps us inspired with her picture perfect family and Los Angeles home on her gorgeous Instagram (follow her at @audreyscheck). Find out how the native Texan is planning to update her 100-year-old home for her husband Matt and two kids, Huxley and Tilly, for the holidays to get inspired for your own brood.


“I love creating spaces that are functional but also warm and inviting,” says Audrey. “Textiles are your best friend as the days grow shorter, and they offer the quickest way to make your space feel more in-season.” Try layering up throw blankets in various spaces around the home to instantly make it feel warmer and cozier for your guests.


“We are hosting Thanksgiving at our new house this year, so we will definitely be decorating!,” shares Audrey. “I like to toss throw blankets on indoor and outdoor benches, beds, and sofas to make the spaces more inviting. I also swap out my lighter throws for ones that are heavier and more substantial. The kids can’t ruin them, and they instantly make the vibe of the space cozier.” Darker, richer colors also scream holiday time so swap out your summer brights for autumnal jewel tones.


Take one holiday at a time! “Once Thanksgiving is over, I’m sure the kids will be eager to shift into holiday mode,” says Audrey. “Our family celebrates both Christmas and Hanukah, so we’ll be spending the remainder of the year in full-on decorating mode as we prep for all of the fun celebrations ahead!” By making Thanksgiving distinct in your decorating, you allow yourself (and the little ones) more opportunities to get creative and festive.


Function is key when children are involved,” says Audrey. “Everything we use needs to be durable and easy to clean, that’s for sure!” One of the ways to ensure functionality is to look for machine-washable décor pieces, like In2Green’s throws. “We do laundry daily, so having textiles that can be tossed into the washing machine is a must for our family.”


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