Our Story

In 2006, we decided we wanted to embrace a new, greener way of life for ourselves and others. We recognized the need for high-quality, high design home textiles made from sustainable yarns. We couldn't have predicted that so many years later the world would have caught up with us and we would be a leading innovator in the eco-luxury home space, making all our products in the USA.

In2Green is proud to be a female founded business, with a small team of passionate collaborators who share a common vision of work and family balance. We always seek out female designers and artisans for collaboration and inspiration. We are based just outside of New York City and love the creative energy we find everyday.

See our catalogs for our newest collections of sustainable throws, pillows, baby blankets and even apparel. 


Our Eco Story

Our recycled cotton line is made from refiberized t-shirt fabrics that are spun into beautiful cotton-blend yarn. This process helps reduce landfill use and requires no additional cotton dyes or chemicals. Our unique indoor/outdoor line is made from 100% recycled polyester. More than 78 post-consumer plastic bottles go into making each fade-resistant, quick-drying throw. We keep our footprint small by collaborating with local designers and knitters, striving to promote green jobs in the U.S.A. as well as minimize environmental impact and conserve precious natural resources.


Our Eco Story Video

Our Custom Process

We've expanded in recent years to working with an inspiring group of interior designers and visionaries in the home decor and hospitality spaces, as well as giving consumers the ability to make personalized and custom throws for gifts, keepsakes and more. We love seeing our work in chic hotels, co-working spaces and more. If you'd like to learn more about our hospitality program, we'd love to talk and share more examples with you. We also work closely with companies that want to give environmentally-friendly gifts to clients and employees in our corporate program. Find out more in our video below.


Our Custom Design Process Video