How to Style Your Couch

How can you style a couch with our design-driven throws, like the Wool Rock Rose Throw by Susy Pilgrim Waters (above)? It’s up to you, but we have some tips from our co-founder Lori Slater to inspire.

"I think about sofas and our living spaces all day every day. Keeping a cohesive color palette always makes it easier to mix styles and patterns. I love tonal textures because it creates warmth and balances the overall look."

Swiss Cross Reversible Throw

"This Sunday sectional from BluDot is honestly the most comfortable thing I own, which is why I picked it to style four ways. The oversize scale of our Swiss Cross Reversible Throw balances the patterns of the couch and pillows, while layering in the sheepskin creates texture and visual interest."

Retro Throw by Stacy Garcia

"From a distance, our Retro Throw by Stacy Garcia, part of our Saturday Green collection, reads as texture. The small-scale print throw packs a design punch and is balanced by the two solid but textured lumbar pillows."

Digital Ombre Throw

"Sometimes you want a sofa to look like you were just sitting having coffee and reading a good cookbook. Don't be afraid to have your pillow and Digital Ombre throw look lived in, and the tray makes it easy to multi-task on the couch."


Photography by @dwellingphotography