New Outdoor Throws – Our own innovation

About a year ago, a major retailer approached us and specifically requested textile throws designed for the outdoors. It was a challenging request since our existing line was knit exclusively with an eco cotton blend. Our current blend is predominantly cotton with some recycled poly, soft and machine washable, though not sun resistant or quick drying like outdoor acrylic-made fabrics.  Acrylic (from acrylonitrile) is not an eco material, and is associated with toxic health risks during the production process.  It also offers very little recycled content (if any) and is no longer be produced in the USA, because it did not meet environmental standards.  

Our lightbulb moment: we needed to develop a sustainable throw for the outdoor market.  After one year in development, we created an innovative (eco) outdoor fabric, utilizing a 100% recycled polyester yarn made exclusively from post-consumer plastic bottles – with more than 78 bottles per throw!   This new in2green indoor/outdoor line of fade resistant, machine wash and dry recycled polyester throws is produced entirely in the USA.  We will launch in November 2015 at the Boutique Hospitality Show ( in NYC and will also be on display at High Design in the Atlanta Gift Mart January 2016 ( SHOP

For more information, contact Stefanie Zeldin (703) 472-0525


Understanding Eco Materials: