The Women Behind Our Saturday Green Collection

Jill Malek Saturday Green

Inspired by our favorite day of the week, Saturday Green is a collection of sustainable, modern textiles designed by women and made in the USA.  The designers have envisioned their work on our eco throws, like blank canvases made of recycled cotton-blend yarns.  Instead of paint brushes, the medium is pre-consumer cotton clippings spun into beautiful cotton-blend yarns. Our process helps reduce landfill use and requires no additional cotton dyes or chemicals.

Get to know each of our Saturday Green designers:


Kelly Harris Smith

Kelly Harris Smith is an award-winning designer who specializes in sustainable textile design for commercial and residential projects. She brings her sharp eye to curating our Saturday Green collection as well as designing her own series of throws. The glass is always half full for designer and optimist Kelly Harris Smith, and the Eco Full Circle Throw celebrates her love of graduated colors and bold, geometric shapes.

Kelly Harris Smith

“Seeing my designs brought to life in environmentally friendly textiles is a delight. Even better is that they are super durable, washable and made for living.” — Kelly Harris Smith 

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Fiber artist Elodie Blanchard brings her signature sense of whimsy to patterns that combines a graphic sensibility with an artist’s eye for detail. Blanchard grew up in the French Alps, surrounded by invigorating mountains. Her outdoorsy upbringing influenced the Eco Mountain Throw, as she created a textured version of the spectacular view. Elodie also finds inspiration from emojis. She created the Eco Smiles Baby Throw by envisioning a toddler showing emotion, watching a crowd of people with different expressions.

The inspiration for the throw is my series of emoji drawings. I simplified it to a contrasty dot pattern.”

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Susy Pilgrim Waters

Susy draws on her career as an award-winning illustrator to create a unique hand-crafted aesthetic, as seen in her work, PilgrimWaters

​​“Functionality is key – with color, natural materials and graphic elements coming together in products such as elegant scarves, tea towels and trays.”

We love her passion for textiles and surface design, which translates perfectly onto our recycled-cotton throws. Her unapologetically bold and modern Eco Unity Throw was created from a design based on torn paper and blunt cuts. It speaks to the "Unity" we are all craving now. Her Eco Huey Throw’s design has an asymmetrical pattern and jaunty painterly dots with a lithographic hand drawn quality.

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Jill Malek

Jill approaches sustainable design in a unique way, focusing primarily on wall art and rugs. She is inspired by frequencies that can be found in the outdoors and urban landscapes. Her contributions to the Saturday Green collection consists of non-repeating patterns:

Eco Reef Throw—inspired by the vibrant colors in underwater plants

Eco Cocoon Reversible Throw—inspired by the beautiful swelling of animal cocoon

"Super excited about the new partnership with, featuring the Terrains pattern morphed into eco-friendly blankets. Blankets are made from refiberized tees, and are also perfect for hospitality ❤️ Stellar designs in the collection"

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Viscaya Saturday Green

Viscaya Wagner is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and illustrator. She creates objects, artwork, and spaces that prompt us to consider our own inhabitation of the world. We love how her work celebrates our human bonds and our abstract relationship to the natural world. 

"A modern throw I designed for @in2green collection ✨ So grateful for the amazing opportunity to work with such talent."

The Eco Journey Throw is inspired by Viscaya’s exploration into human relationships. Depicting two friends, this throw celebrates the joys of friendship regardless of race or gender. The bold colors and abstract expression elevate this simple pleasure into the artistic realm. Similarly, the Eco Assemblage Throw explores human relationships with the world around us.  Viscaya’s baby designs, Eco Baby Wildlife and Eco Baby Kindred Throw, both bring a welcome burst of joy into the modern nursery. 

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