What is recycled cotton?

Recycled cotton is a great alternative to regular cotton, since it uses no water or chemicals in its manufacturing process and requires no new farmland.  Imagine a world where every material and its waste by-products had a second life, another use.

Apparel manufacturers are now more than ever concerned about what to do with their fabric scraps. Many operations are looking at how to make a garment with the lowest possible excess, but inevitably there are still millions of pounds of leftover material that become available for recycling or reuse.

Commonly referred to as “post industrial” or “pre-consumer” material, cotton fabrics for example can be salvaged from weaving operations, t-shirt and underwear factories, or even from excess unsold items.  These are new materials (already dyed and washed), in perfect form to be re-fiberized or mechanically shredded and recycled back into new fibers and yarns.

Imagine you are the fabric surrounding a 100% blue cotton t-shirt. Ideally, you will not be carted to a dumpster, but instead carefully scooped up and sorted by color – eventually spun back into a usable blue yarn. The great advantage is that no new cotton had to be processed, irrigated or even dyed – an enormous saving to the planet.

In2green has long recognized the benefits of recycled cotton and has made its entire line (Eco throws, hats and novel accessories) out of recycled cotton blend yarns.

Our brand has embraced not only a great eco material, but is also highly committed to domestically sourced recycled cotton yarns and having products made in the US. Check out in2green’s eco-line at in2green.com or take advantage our Facebook community promotion.