Why Personalized Gifts Are the Best Presents For The Holidays


Personalized gifts for the holidays are the ultimate present. With your own personal touch, it becomes a one-of-a-kind gift that’s perfect for various occasions such as weddings, baby showers, and other milestones to celebrate. When you have the option to personalize a gift, there’s no need to stress over finding the best present to suit the style of your loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Make your holiday gifting simple with In2green’s personalized throw blankets. Our team is passionate in collaborating with our customers and incorporating their custom knit text to an eco-friendly throw blanket tailored to any occasion. Who wouldn’t want to cozy up in a custom throw blanket created just for them? If you aren’t quite sure a personalized throw blanket will suit your holiday gifting needs, here are a few of reasons why they are creative gifts perfect for every occasion. 

Corporate Gifting

Businesses all thrive on the collective hard work of its employees, and one of the best ways to celebrate the success of one’s business is by gifting to those who work for you! Corporate gifting your employees or loyal clients with In2green’s customized throw blankets will express your appreciation and strengthen the relationships that help your company stay on top. We can add your company logo, your brand’s colors, and incorporate custom art. This way it can be used in the office and at home making it a meaningful keepsake they will use for years.       

Wedding Celebrations

Make a fall or winter wedding celebration unforgettable with a personalized gift created by In2green! Our custom throw blankets are the perfect option for celebrating the special bond between newlyweds. Gifting a newlywed couple with their initials and marriage date knitted into one of our eco-friendly throw blanket designs will be a wedding keepsake everyone will remember and snuggle under during the colder months!

Baby Showers & More

Custom throw blankets are unique baby shower gifts for parents-to-be. In2green even provides a baby monogram collection to welcome the parents’ new bundle of joy! Customized text on blanket throws can be adjusted to suit any style and important life event you may need it for such as corporate gifting, high school or college graduation, birthdays and more.


Let In2green Personalize Your Gifts for the Holidays & Other Milestones!

Whether you are selecting gifts for the holidays or looking for ways to celebrate milestones of all kinds, In2green’s personalized gifts with an added custom knit text are simply timeless and thoughtful. Not to mention they will help keep you warm for the colder temperatures we are experiencing this fall season! If you are trying to figure out a way to gift your loved ones while being creative and mindful of the environment, then In2green’s personalized gifts are perfect for all occasions.

Our small female-led team at In2green is passionate about keeping our environment more sustainable by using only recycled and organic cotton yarns to create modern and eco-friendly products. We make it our duty to provide expressive throw blankets and knitwear while reducing excessive cotton growth and the use of added chemicals.  

 Make holiday gifting simple with In2green’s personalized gifts! Choose your favorite design for the ones you love at In2green’s custom & personalized collection now.