Why We Love Sweden

Traveling energizes us and ignites our creativity, from the designs of our throws to the tone of our photo shoots. Some of our favorite throws are inspired by European motifs and Scandinavian style. Our newest in2green team member, Kelly, traveled to Sweden this summer to soak up the sun with her sisters. Read on to learn about the Nordic country that has stolen our hearts. 
Sweden possesses the highest percentage of renewable energy in the European Union and its capital city is keen on sustainable living. As an antidote to their long winters, Stockholm has found ways to incorporate nature through art within the underground subway system through stunning murals like this:
Rainbow Stockholm Mural
 Experiencing only a few hours of sunlight during long winters causes Swedes to relish the seemingly never ending days during their beloved summer. On the longest day of the year, the sun rises around 3:30 AM and slowly sets after 10 PM. Midsommar is an annual festival filled with light, Swedish traditions and flower crowns to celebrate the summer solstice.
Grinda Sunrise
 With its architectural design must-sees, Sweden is definitely a designer’s travel destination. In the Swedish Design Museum, you can get glimpses of their design and fashion, featuring timeless furniture design as well as sustainable clothes and accessories. For Swedes, design is synonymous with ‘lifestyle’ which can be seen below in Långholmen which is filled with traditional wooden boats. 
Långholmen Canal
 The Stockholm Archipelago is a collection of 30,000 islands in the Baltic Sea. Staying at Grinda was dreamy, an idyllic camping destination offering everything from kayaking and fishing to shoreside hiking and biking. When in the archipelago, do as the Swedes do and forage for berries, walk barefoot on moss-covered rocks and follow a sunset sauna session with skinny dipping.
Sunset Grinda
 Many people know about the Danish concept of hygge, but equally important is lagom. Lagom means "just the right amount". The word can be variously translated as "in moderation", "in balance", "perfect-simple", and "suitable". At in2green, we think that our methods are in line with lagom. Our Eco Poly Herringbone Stripe Throw was perfect for cool nights in Marstrand, a coastal town filled with sailboats, a spa and a stone castle.
Marstrand Sweden
 Smögen is a favorite island on Sweden's west coast filled with vibrant homes, seafood restaurants and rugged terrain. Pictured is Smögenbryggan, a bridge filled with vibrant color, which attracts thousands of tourists every year.
Where do you take your in2green throws? Share your photos of in2green on the road and tag us-- we’d love to see!