Adventurous Nesting: What it means to us on Earth Day

sustainable throw gift

This Earth Day: our commitment to being an environmentally-conscious company connects us and our values to the things we care about most: an eco friendly future for our children, high design with minimal impact, and every day comfort so we can live outdoors as much as possible.

We created In2Green in 2006 with a focus on sustainability, and we’re proud of not only sticking to our original mission but also developing and innovating in the space. We hope to make our eco-conscious pieces a part of your life, and that means having the same values you do.

Here are a few of the things that are top of mind for us this Earth Day. We always love getting feedback from our customers so let us know if there are other issues we should be addressing that you’d like us to.

Sustainable Future: Each item we design makes a new use of discarded textile scraps or reuses post consumer plastic bottles. This process, up-cycling, saves them from ending up in landfills and our oceans. By manufacturing locally, we have a deliberate process to ensure proper oversight and attention to each detail in the design process.

High Design with Minimal Impact: We love pattern and color, and we want to help our customers find new ways to express themselves in their homes. Throw blankets are the perfect way to be adventurous and seasonally change up our décor. 

Live Outside: As temperatures rise and fall, the throw is the perfect companion as you sit at your desk or travel outdoors.  With your favorite throw, you can live your coziest life anytime, anywhere.

sustainable gift On Earth Day and everyday, we seek to surround ourselves with things that make us adventurously  comfortable, luxuriously amused, and above all, aware of our responsibility for our collective home: the Earth.