Our Story

In2Green revolutionizes sustainable living with  luxurious, design-forward throw blankets and accessories, all crafted from recycled materials. Through small batch production in the USA, In2Green fosters uniqueness in every piece. The company has a legacy of over 17 years, where In2Green pioneered the concept of eco-luxury, a blend of modern aesthetics with quality eco-friendly materials. 

The brand sells both to trade and direct to consumer, with various collections of throws. We are committed to working closely with customers to craft unique and customized textiles, while offering a broad range of stock options. 

Our trade customers come to us for high-design showpieces that can bring their unique spaces to life. They appreciate our custom design expertise and our ability to bring their concepts to reality in a matter of weeks; while at the same time delivering a product with high quality sustainable materials.

Our direct to consumer customers generally define themselves as part of a “tribe” with a particular aesthetic-  modern, equestrian, coastal, southwestern, patriotic-  and they seek out designs that reinforce that sense of belonging. They skip the generic, seek luxury and have a high appreciation for the maker aspect of our product line. 

To all our customers, we are not just selling a blanket statement, we are selling “Statement Blankets”.

The Company

 The Company is a small, tight knit team of passionate collaborators who share a common vision of work and family balance. As a company, we seek out female designers and artisans for collaboration and inspiration. We are based just outside of New York City and love the creative energy we find everyday.

Our History

In 2006, Lori Slater and Stefanie Zeldin decided they wanted to embrace a new, greener way of life for themself and others. They recognized the need for high-quality, high design home textiles made from sustainable yarns. They couldn't have predicted that so many years later the world would have caught up with them and In2Green would be a leading innovator in the eco-luxury home space, making all our products in the USA.

In 2023, Lori and Stefanie were ready to retire and sold their business to a passionate woman, Jehann Biggs, who fell in love with their business. In2Green is proud to be a woman-founded and continues to be a woman-owned business with this transition. Jehann is proud and excited about the bright future ahead. Read more about this transition on our blog.

See our catalogs for our newest collections of sustainable throws, pillows, baby blankets and even apparel. 



New owner Jehann Biggs (center) with co-founders Stefanie Zeldin (left) and Lori Slater (right) looking at Scout throw blanket by designer Susy Pilgrim Waters

 Stefanie, Jehann, and Lori