Chic with Camo

Last fall season brought the resurgence of a military-inspired aesthetic, seen in camouflage bombers, oversized field jackets, cargo pants, and trench coats. Bandana neck scarves and lace-up military boots followed in suit, contributing to a refined utilitarian look.

Image: Instagram @somewherelately

While this trend may seem to be long standing, it appears to fall into yet another autumnal season. Moving from fashion into home décor, the camo motif has made an appearance in bed throws, luxury blankets, even bath mats!

In2green Eco Camouflage Throw, Image: Kristofer Noel

In forest greens or stormy grays and blues, this design is becoming an enduring tradition. Whether adding an element of rustic naturalism or a touch of modern ingenuity, camo gives life to the modern home. Check out our eco rendition knit in a recycled cotton blend here.

In2green Eco Camouflage Throw, Image: Kristofer Noel