Environmentally Friendly Baby Blankets

There are some aspects of caring for your children where you shouldn’t be asked to compromise on environmental friendliness for the sake of product quality or ease of use.  Cloth diapers are a great example; they may be better for the environment than disposables, but much more work intensive than simply throwing a dirty diaper away.  The list of these product tradeoffs goes on, but thanks to in2green.com, baby blankets have now struck a balance between product quality and environmental friendliness.  Plus, In2green products like the kids they often meet are “Born in the USA.”

The in2green baby blankets and matching pillows were made with sweatshop-free labor and constructed from a blend of recycled cotton yarns, which helps cut down on the water usage and chemical pollution that comes from using new fibers.  The baby throws are 30′ x 40′, which makes them perfect for a carriage, car seat, or even just a great sustainable gift for a friend or co-worker with a baby.  They come in a variety of colors and modern patterns and some are even reversible!

Most important is that the throws are both very warm and soft, just right to keep little hands and feet cozy. All items are machine wash & dry, so they’re a breeze to clean (which of course is super important with all of the messes that go along with a baby!) In2green has several black & white patterns, shapes and colors that will keep your baby’s imagination engaged, while fitting in with the rest of the decor.

Whether it’s for your child, an eco gift for your environmentally conscious friends, or just a choice to decorate a room or beach house, these baby knit throws are sure to have a style and pattern that will please everyone.  For the baby that needs clothes, in2green also coordinates the throws with knittted eco baby hats and socks.  Purchasing an in2green product shows that you care not only for a baby’s present health and comfort, but by making eco-friendly choice, that you’re also making an effort to care for their future.