In2green’s Summer 2019 Collection: Home is Wherever You Are

visiting plum island custom eco throw

Whether it’s your favorite corner of the couch or your most loved beach, we believe In2Green can be your "go-to" eco friendly throw. For this summer collection, we’re drawing our inspiration from the charming beach towns of the Massachusetts coastline, including Plum Island, for a lush nautical color palette combined with modern patterns.

Below are a few of our favorite photography spots and fun things to do on Plum Island that filled us with inspiration:

Tannery Marketplace: This historic marketplace housed a fabulous florist and coffee shop we couldn't stop snacking at.  

Plum Island Grill: Perfectly-positioned spot for sunset viewing and sipping a passion fruit margarita.

Pink House: An icon of Newburyport, this remote home is set upon a sweeping coastal landscape which transports you into an Andrew Wyeth painting.

Blue Inn: Enjoy a classic New England stay at this charming Newburyport, MA oceanside perched on golden sand beaches.

Sandy Point State Reserve: Located at the very southern tip of Plum Island, this 77-acre park offers a stunning beach.

We’re eager to continue our commitment to the things that matter most to us: sustainability, domestic production and partnerships with other talented-female entrepreneurs. Take a peek at our new summer collection below, inspired by our Plum Island getaway!

Coastal & Nautical Throws

favorite photography spots plum island eco throw

Our newest coastal throw blanket collection is reminiscent of our adventure to the coastline of Massachusetts where Plum Island quickly became one of our favorites. With a sandy beach town that embodied everything the aquamarine life has to offer, we couldn’t help but allow our inspiration & creativity to flourish. Quirky seas creatures like lobsters, octopus’, and lush red coral are our signature motifs of the summer.

Lobster Stripe Throw

lobster stripe eco-friendly throw

Octopus Square Throw

octopus square eco throw

Coral Key Throw

coral key eco throw

Pagoda Throw

pagoda eco throw

Reversible Pineapple Throw

navy pineapple eco throw

Summer Wovens

home decor woven eco throw

Our newest woven throws are a lightweight luxury to behold; designed to keep you cozy even in the warmer months to come. These are made with a soft neutral color palette, 75% recycled cotton and 25% polyester, which is not only mindful but will go great with any summer activities on your to-do list!

Eco Woven - 3 new patterns

Eco-Woven Chatham Twill Throw

Stacy Garcia Collection

plum island themed eco throw

We are so excited to announce our continued partnership with designer Stacy Garcia as she has brought fresh, luxury blanket designs for our expressive summer collection. Her Mod Plaid Throw is knitted with In2green’s indoor/outdoor sun-resistant yarn, which is available in coastal blues, serene neutrals and vibrant brights.  It is also a fabric made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. 

We couldn’t be happier to grow our partnership with Stacy and see where her creative mind takes our eco journey.

Poly Mod Plaid Throw

poly mod eco-friendly throw

Poly Modesto Throw

poly modesto eco throw

Kelly Harris Smith

kelly harris eco throw design

Designer and creative director, Kelly Smith, also brings in a passionate dedication to bold eco friendly throws and we are absolutely thrilled to partner with her. Kelly’s expertise in sustainability and infusing bursts of unique colors and designs into our eco friendly throws are sure to leave your home more welcoming.

Poly Point Throw

kelly harris point point eco throw

Custom Throw Blanket Collection

favorite photography spots plum island with eco throw

Our popular custom collection has grown with an even greater variety of location-specific designs. Reminisce on your favorite summer locations and have them knitted into one of our eco friendly custom throws.

Custom Float Throw

plum island custom eco throw

Custom Surfboard Throw

custom surfboard eco throw

With Special Thanks to:

woven eco throw on plum island

A round of thanks to the Blue Inn on Plum Island, as we enjoyed the alluring setting combined with a photoshoot and a bit of fun. We especially loved seeing how one of our favorite designers, Rachel Reider, using our chunky cable bed scarves to decorate the rooms as each room was a bit different!

@Lark Hotels

@Rachel Reider Interiors

@Tamara Flanagan

The awesome and beautiful Blue Inn innkeeper and model Miranda Carley and her entire staff.

We’re thrilled to have you on our ongoing journey, and we can’t wait to see where this year takes us and where you take In2green. Check out our new arrivals and collection items. Contact us or fill out an online form to speak with an In2green staff member today!