In2Green Textiles Spins a New Thread

Stefanie, Jehann, and Lori

Lori Slater and Stefanie Zeldin, two lifelong friends, founded In2Green more than 16 years ago with the idea that sustainability could be modern and design-forward. This was a labor of love to ensure that they were building a company that was enduring and one that would thrive. To that end, they built what is the first eco-luxury throw company with products made in the USA. And they did this before it was mainstream to be green.

Finding a new buyer was not easy, considering that they wanted to ensure that the owner continued the vision and took care of the great In2Green team based in Yonkers, NY.  Also, they searched to find someone who would maintain existing business channels: Retail, Corporate, Hospitality and In2Green's physical store in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY.

Jehann Biggs will carry forward the blaze of women ownership and has her own vision of what the brand needs to be successful in today’s eco textile market.

 Recently, we sat down to discuss the journey and what’s next for In2Green.

 What was the spark that started In2Green?

Lori:  We were trailblazers, and wanted to create a collection of products that could be both made exclusively from recycled materials, and also be beautiful, something that really wasn’t possible when we started 16 years ago.

 What do you think makes In2Green stand out?

Stef:  Bespoke product. Our stock designs motivate our customers to create their own unique textiles. We spend a lot of time collaborating with buyers to make custom throw blankets for retail stores, hotel interiors and branded merchandise. All our clients really love to create something unique and speaks to their brand or location. That is the magic that is possible from small batch production in the USA.

 What are you most proud of?

Lori:  I am most proud of the extensive design library we have created ourselves and with established designers. We have developed numerous new yarns and innovative textures that have brought us to the forefront of the sustainable market. We are very proud of our relationships with our customers who continue to trust us to bring their vision to our textile canvas.
I think my passion for retail really came to life with our retail store. The store is now part of the community fabric of Hastings-on-Hudson and shows my commitment to local retail.

 So why now?

Stef:  We are so grateful for all our customers, our terrific office/design team and good friends, who have helped us get In2Green to where it is today.  Like many small businesses, in2green needs young energy to take on the technology age. We are a digital design company and that expertise can be leveraged to a wide range of products and markets.

 What’s in store for In2Green?

Jehann:  I couldn’t be more thrilled to continue to build on what is truly a fantastic business started by two gutsy women, both of whom I have grown to admire greatly. They have cultivated a strong team committed to a vision of making high-quality, design forward throws with a firm commitment to sustainable principles. In2green’s mission and vision will not change and it will be the linchpin as we herald a new era of growth.
Our markets are broad and deep and we will continue to service an array of valuable B2B and B2C customers. Customer service is a pillar on which this business was built and the reason why our customers keep coming back! My goal is to continue delighting our customers and streamline our current operations so that we serve them even better.

 How do you envision growth moving forward?

Jehann:  Growth for me will be cultivating the current brand to expand our product portfolio, building more customer intimacy and solidifying us as the leading innovator in the eco-luxury space. Lori and Stefanie have built a firm foundation that is rich with opportunity.
I can’t wait to meet our customers and champion In2Green’s vision forward.