New Blog Platform!

Sand Dollar Throw in Aluminum

Finally, our new blog platform is ready! We are so happy to bring our story, our process, and our people to life in a new format!

In an age where individuals and companies are often known first “virtually,” via Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, etc., and then personally, people can get lost behind their own creations. Their creations develop a life of their own and evolve through a collection of images, quotes, comments, even memes and before you know it, the existence of the actual creator comes into question.

We believe we are more than just our posts, images, pins and memes. We are, in essence, uniquely yours—we are what you want us to be, where you want us to be, for whom you want us to be. We are everything and something at the same time, an eco design movement, and a small local company based in Yonkers, New York, looking to make a difference. We are hundreds of reps and stores across the country, and we are women in a studio. Yes, we are also, inevitably (as convention holds), all the posts and pins, but we are also still very much human and tangible. So lo and behold, a new canvas to swap ideas, design aesthetics, life lessons and all that stuff that is so entirely you and us at the same time…Enjoy!