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In2green Pop UP Eco Gifts

It’s easy to say that your brand stands for a lifestyle and it’s another thing to make that actually happen. We decided to bring In2Green to life in an eco friendly pop-up store in charming Hastings-on-Hudson last year, and we have loved every minute of it! From interacting with customers and getting real-time feedback to having a creative outlet, it’s been a new and exciting challenge.

One of our favorite parts has been discovering brands that we love to bring to our customers. We want to present unique finds from local makers, artisan brands and female entrepreneurs and we have spent quite a bit of time finding just the right mix.

Unique Eco-Friendly Gift Bundles

In2green Eco Pop Up Gifts

The concept of the store rotates every few months for a new mix of products and seasonal theme to keep it fresh and interesting for our regular customers. Right now, the focus is on Spring and all it brings to your home, from the rooms inside to the garden. While our physical store remains temporarily closed, the pop-up is moving online to In2Green.com! We’re so excited to share what we do in store with our entire audience, and we’ve created special gift bundles that you won’t find anywhere else from perfect kitchen sets to gardening baskets filled with seeds. 

Stay Up-to-Date with In2green's Pop Up Store!

In2green Eco Friendly Pop Up Gifts

We are already deep into planning the rest of the year’s concepts so watch out for Summer to arrive soon. Have ideas or requests? Email us at info@in2green.com and watch out for news on our online pop-up as well as a date for the reopening of the Hastings-on-Hudson store.

For more information on in2green's eco-friendly throws and knit accessories go to in2green.com