Say “Om” to Ombre – what is Ombre anyway?

The Ombre lives most visibly in gorgeous textiles, paint, and tile.  It comes from the French word for color that is shaded or graduated in tone.

While ombre in hair styling may already be overdone, ombre is a strong design motif in today’s interior design. From window curtains to lampshades, rugs to kitchen tiling, couches to nursery walls, the ombre is re-emerging with newfound chicness.  There’s something remarkably tranquil about the color gradations, especially in cool blues and grays that evoke a sense of stillness and equanimity.

At in2green, we decided to dip-dye our own version with our classic recycled blend to see if we could get a similar effect.  Since each item is dipped by hand, each has its own slight variations that give unique character. Great new look…same recycled cotton story!   For more about this design click here



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2) French by design: