Seeking Spice?

Fall eco throws

It seems that orange is in fact the new black this fall, as home décor is ablaze with pumpkin shades, and deep ambers and cognacs. Some might say that a small flame from the 70’s may never have been quite put out, but this season has its own unique dash of contemporary spice. The temperature is dropping as fast as the leaves are, but there is still an Indian summer to be had inside at home.

Layering patterns and textures in burnt oranges and terracotta hues create that vibrant warmth needed to brave the winter months. Block-print style wallpapers, western-inspired textiles, and luscious knit throws are some options in this season’s décor arsenal. But whether you’re looking to create a bohemian ambiance, or merely add an extra dose of vitamin C in the living room, we have a couple of things that might do the trick. Check out our eco friendly falls throws.

orange block print eco throw

Fall themed eco friendly blankets