Welcome to the Wild

Animal prints have always been one of the more fun yet challenging design trends to nail down, as it takes a bit of playing around to figure out just the right dose of wild beauty you’re looking for. We have a couple of pointers for welcoming the wild into your home that can make all the difference–quantity, quality, and context.

Henry Bourne & Harriet Anstruther’s English Home, Photo: Henry Bourne, Elle Décor

First, less is more–a leopard print chair here, a cow hide rug there– only a dash of the wild is needed to give an air of untamed sophistication. Adding too much can also take away from the individual pieces, which may be works of art in themselves. A bold ottoman or a soft-hued snakeskin print throw are two stunning favorites.

Inspire Q Faux Cow Hide Ottoman

In2green Eco Snakeskin Throw

Next, materials, materials, materials. We think it best to avoid synthetic fabrics and opt for sustainable, natural materials or good quality faux furs. Soft cottons, weighty knits, and faux hides are some of our selects, as durability is key (especially for pet-lovers!). A cozy eco knit throw or a velvety leopard print chair could do just the trick.

Brit + Co

In2green Eco Zebra Throw

 Lastly, make sure we’re in the right place– cheetah print pillows may work in the living room with neutral walls, but not in the bedroom if other graphic pieces have already made their home there. Animal print throw blankets can be the perfect accent to a neutral space. Think about where a touch of animal flare could do the most in your home, and investigate different options of our eco knit throw designs.

In2green Eco Skins Throws