A Guide on How to Wear Your Women’s Poncho this Fall

Women's Ponchos

Brighten up your fall look and wear a women’s poncho! Believe it or not, there are various ways you can wear ponchos, so you won’t need to feel to like you’re limiting your fall wardrobe to one specific style. Stay chic and comfortable with several of the most popular ways to adorn a poncho with In2green’s guide to wearing women ponchos below.

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1. Short in Front

Give yourself a bohemian appearance by pulling your poncho over your head to where the seam is on your back and the short hem is in the front. The back of the women’s poncho is longer and creates a flowy and elegant look. To emphasize this style further, wear a button-down shirt, skinny jeans, and knee-high boots along with it. A women’s poncho is deemed as the ultimate travel accessory and fantastic for when it gets too chilly in the office. In addition to this, this short in the front poncho style will allow you to attain a natural fall look that will keep your hands free to type, work, and provide assistance to kids and customers.

2. The Classic Look

The classic poncho look will never get old. While this style is tired and true, you can wear this look by placing the poncho’s seam on your shoulder with the longer diagonal hem hanging to the side. This classic knit poncho is the exact accessory you need for a night out in the town or cozying up in bed with a steaming latte this season.

3. The Poncho Accessory

The fall season means colder temperatures and more layers! Bundle up and use your poncho as an accessory. You can incorporate multiple layers with this look by throwing on your favorite sweater, jeans, and a poncho worn as normal. If there’s a draft, then you can wrap your poncho around your neck like a scarf for double the warmth. One of the best parts about a poncho worn as a scarf is that you can easily change it from the classic look to a scarf if you ever get too cold!

In2green’s co-founder, Lori Slater, enjoys creating new poncho silhouettes for each season: “I personally love to layer it over my lightweight puffer jacket. My daughter loves to wear the Chunky Cable Poncho with the long side in front and belted.”

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The In2Green Women’s Poncho Collection

In2green has a variety of textures, colors, and themes for women’s ponchos so you will be sure to find one that suits your individual style! If you enjoy horseback riding, then we have an equestrian poncho and wrap collection just for you. If you find yourself naturally drawn to the ocean, you will fall in love with our nautical collection. With our numerous styles, you won’t feel limited to choosing one specific style.

Here at In2green, our team is dedicated to making our planet greener! All of our accessories are made with 75% recycled cotton and 25% recycled polyester yarns. We are proud that all of our fiber products are created in the USA and help keep our environment more sustainable and further reduces the need for new cotton crop growth and added chemicals.

Add a women’s poncho to your fall wardrobe today! Find your favorite women’s poncho at In2green’s poncho and wrap collection now.