Made in USA | Sustainable

All of our products are made in the USA. Our main headquarters is in New York and we manufacture in the Northeast to keep our carbon footprint small. Our process is low energy, utilizing electric machines and vintage looms that have been modernized for our production. We have worked hard to revitalize the domestic textile industries, bringing back jobs to produce our throws and other sustainable products. All our factories are focused on quality, safe working conditions and environmentally friendly processes. 


Company Ethos

We are committed to practicing sustainable principles throughout our business. We ensure our offices are committed to recycling and are actively working to remove single use plastics from our work stream. This is how we approach our business and we hope that our customers join us in this ongoing journey to purchase thoughtfully and live with an eye towards the environment. We know that In2Green will leave a legacy, and we want it to be one that both our children and customers are proud of.

We encourage you to spend time outside with our throws, as we are consistently inspired by nature. Our designs celebrate the beauty of leaves, flowers, mountains and beaches, and we don’t see our throws as something that can only live within the four walls of our homes.


As a brand, we are consistently reevaluating our processes and setting new goals in sustainability for In2Green. From using deadstock fabric for our ponchos to collaborating with inspirational women who are upcycling experts, In2Green is always open to exploring possibilities for renewal.



In2Green is committed to providing help to those in acute need when possible. In emergency situations, we work with partners to provide small comforts in the best way we can, by providing our throws to help “make a home” for those who are without one due to unforeseen circumstances. Some of our partners include elder care homes, homeless shelters, and refugee relocation programs. Partners include Homes Not Borders, Afya, Project Home and many more.