How to Use Throws in a Coworking Space

hudco eco friendly blanket throws

Coworking spaces are the office of the future - perfect for freelancers or small teams, these shared spaces offer flexibility in style. But for those putting together a co-working space, decorating them is a major task. Potential members are looking as much for a cool factor as they are for functionality. One great way to take the space up a notch is the savvy use of throws. From eco friendly blankets to pillows, In2Green’s eco-friendly and machine-washable textiles are perfect additions to co-working spaces.

We were grateful to have the chance to add our throws to the beautiful HudCo in Dobb’s Ferry, which is female-led and caters to all industries, including wellness.  Get inspired by HudCo’s stylish interiors put together by founder Christina Cohen and find out more about how In2Green can work with you to add throws to your office interior.

cabin eco friendly blankets


If your coworking space or community hub is designed for women, we want to work with you as a women-led company that loves to partner with fellow female creatives. Our new Saturday Green line, for example, is done in collaboration with five talented female graphic designers, and like all our throws, is eco-friendly with recycled fibers.

eco friendly blanket


Throw blankets and pillows give your members the opportunity to create their own cozy nooks, whether just for themselves or for a meeting. Members can take the throws or pillows around the space and do their own “redecorating” without having to move furniture.

Hudco using eco friendly blankets


You want your community space to look stylish, but you don’t want to go too high design with the furniture and sacrifice utility or comfort. A modern throw blanket can add the right touch of personality and sustainability to a space without hindering any members’ ability to work. In fact, they might even be inspired by the design!

plant eco friendly blanket throw


You can create your own throws in partnership with In2Green, either through our standard personalization program or for a larger, complex order, with our wonderful hospitality team. Whether it is adding the name of the space, the town you are located in or witty sayings, we love to work with you to create the throw that’s just right.


In addition to being eco-friendly, we’ve honed our recycled yarns to be machine-washable so keeping the throws and pillows in the common spaces clean is a snap. Not only is dry cleaning less environmentally friendly but it’s also more expensive in the long term to maintain.

Shop our eco friendly throws and blankets to see what will work in your co-working space!