Keeping Labor Local: 5 Great Reasons to Buy American

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As our nation perseveres through challenging economic times, the call to “Buy American” rings a sharper tone these days, giving Americans a real opportunity to pull together and right the ship.

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As Americans we have the freedom to choose what we buy, and buying American goods, rather than imported goods, is simply financially and ethically sound. With July 4th and Labor Day approaching, there’s no greater time than now to consider some of the reasons to “Buy American.”

1. Job creation. Buying American goods and services helps American companies grow, and creates more opportunities for employment. Considering that nearly 1 in every 10 Americans in the workforce is unemployed, buying American can mean more jobs here in the U.S.

2.Economically sound. Money spent on American-made products stays in the U.S., helping companies provide their employees with better wages. Local wages support local economies.

3. Say “NO” to poor ethics. Many companies that import products to the U.S. provide unfair minimum wages, dangerous working conditions, and may use child labor.

The recent factory fire in Bangladesh was a rude awaking for brands and textile companies around the world, tragically revealing widespread poor safety conditions for workers.

Countries that heavily export their goods to the U.S., such as India, China, and Pakistan, have some of the lowest labor standards in the world.

4. Reduce your carbon footprint. When you buy American products, you help reduce the amount of fuel spent on overseas shipping, and as a result, reduce damage done to the environment by harmful emissions from shipping vehicles.

5. Local > Imported. Always. When you support local businesses, you:
Help your community thrive by making local businesses successful. Every purchase you make locally, especially at smaller, independent shops, provides a vital boost.

Benefit from more accessible and personable customer service than when trying to contact a large corporation or overseas company. Feel pride in knowing exactly where your purchase came from.
In many cases, you are purchasing a custom or a “limited line” of products.

Since large foreign companies mass produce their offerings, buying local gives you a chance to buy a truly unique, locally designed and fabricated product.

American Businesses at Work

Even though times are challenging economically, resilient entrepreneurs like in2green are working hard to produce high quality Eco Friendly Throws for Americans, by Americans. In2green prides itself on offering home furnishings and apparel that are both elegant and eco-friendly, and are beautifully made in the U.S.

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Just because a product is made in the U.S. doesn’t mean that the product is made with American materials. Unlike many American companies that use fabrics from overseas, in2green sources their fabrics from third-generation American mills, helping revive the struggling American textile industry.

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Furthermore, in2green is committed to sustainability, constructing their luxurious line of eco-friendly throws, pillows, and apparel out of yarn which is recycled (refiberized) from cutting scraps, rather than new cotton. In doing so, in2green helps reduce the negative impact that new cotton production has on the environment. And by sourcing much of their recycled cotton from American mills, in2green also helps reduce the environmental burden of overseas shipping.

This summer, think about keeping labor in America and check out in2green’s eco line for your next gift purchase. All of in2green’s handsome throws are made in the U.S. with over 75% recycled cotton yarn for superior warmth and durability. They are machine washable and dryer safe, and at 50”X60”, a perfect size for your couch, bed, or even a picnic.

In the American spirit of innovation, in2green also offers custom eco throw collection – think up your own design and have it knit into a throw for your next company picnic, favorite fundraiser, or wedding favor.

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To see more of in2green’s luxury collection of eco-friendly throws, visit our online shop!

Want to try a product? Use this code (BPAmerican25off) and receive 25% off your first purchase during June, July and August.

If buying American is important to you, tell us why in the comments box below. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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