Staying chic fireside

While temperatures on the east coast may still be hovering above freezing, fall is abloom with copper-tinged leaves, chunky cable knits, hearty soups and spiced lattes. Even though airy summer linens will have been switched out for their heavier feathered counterparts, this doesn’t mean that aesthetic has to suffer—in fact, quite the contrary. As the temperature drops little by little, staying chic fireside is one of the best parts of fall, as your fireplace room often becomes one of the most used areas of the home.

So to cozy up with style, we recommend a few things: pile on the pillows (as one, or two, or three is never enough); bring the outdoors in—pinecones, birch branches, and tinsel accents do just the trick; embrace earth and wood tones, ideal for adding a touch of natural beauty; turn out the lights, or use more subtle light sources such as candles or string lights to complement amber tones from the hearth; and top it all off with texture! For this last one, we can’t help but propose on of our own pieces to fit the bill. Check out our texture collection of eco throws and pillows. Shop for a beautiful addition to your space or for a sustainable gift for a friend this holiday season. 

In2green Eco Textures

In2green Eco Stag w/ Vine