Three Unique Ways to Wear a Poncho

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Three Stunning Poncho Styles for Fall

As the crisp air of fall sets in, anticipation for holidays and festivities builds, and for many, it's the perfect time to unveil the beloved ponchos and boots ensemble. Dive into the fall season with style by embracing eco-friendly ponchos—an absolute essential for your autumn wardrobe. Not only are they effortlessly chic, but they also provide unparalleled comfort. What sets these eco-friendly ponchos apart is their remarkable versatility, making them the go-to fashion statement for the season. Elevate your fall fashion game with the perfect blend of sustainability and style!

Here are a few of our favorite ways to wear a poncho that’ll have you turning heads this fall:

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  1. Short in Front 

Try wearing your poncho so the seam is in the back while the short hem is in front. The longer, flowing back creates a fun yet sophisticated bohemian vibe. This style looks great over a button-down shirt, skinny jeans, and knee-high boots. We think it’s the ultimate travel accessory, and perfect for a chilly office. This style allows you to have the poncho look while keeping your hands free – perfect for typing, working with kids or customers.

  1. The Classic Look

Tried and true, this style places the poncho’s seam on your shoulder with the longer diagonal hem hanging to the side. A perfect knit accessory for a night on the town or curling up in bed with a steaming latte this fall.

  1. The Poncho Accessory 

The days are getting colder and it’s time to bundle up! This style is perfect for incorporating multiple layers at once. Put on your favorite sweater, jeans, and poncho like normal, and then turn your poncho into a scarf for extra warmth. One of the best parts of a poncho scarf is that you can wear it as a scarf when walking outside then flip it back into a poncho when you’re indoors!

Lori Slater: Co-founder of in2green invents new poncho silhouettes for every season: “ I personally love to layer it over my light weight puffer jacket. My daughter loves to wear the Chunky Cable Poncho with the long side in front and belted.”

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The In2green Collection: Eco-Friendly Women's Ponchos

In2green offers a variety of textures, colors, and themes so you can find a gorgeous poncho that matches your individual style. Do you ride horses? We have an equestrian collection of ponchos and wraps! Are you drawn to the sea? You’ll love our nautical line.

At In2Green, we are dedicated to creating a greener planet. All of our accessories are made with 75% recycled cotton and 25% recycled polyester yarns. Our sustainable materials minimize the need for new cotton crop growth, added chemicals and promote sustainability. We are also pleased to sell products made right here in the USA.

Add a beautiful poncho to your fall wardrobe, or purchase one as a stylish and sustainable gift for a friend. Shop our eco-friendly poncho and wrap collection now!